Six Powerful Words


If my memory is correct, at some time in the fall of 2006 I watched a 20-minute video that profoundly mixed my emotions with the intensity of a Ninja blender.

The video featured a soft-spoken and eloquent man whose presentation motivated me to take an immediate inventory of my life’s perspective. That man? Dewitt Jones, a National Geographic photographer. The title of his video? Celebrate What’s Right with the World.

After watching this video, I immediately began applying the lessons Dewitt taught, and unlike high school calculus, I use the skills I learned to this day. Every day!

Dewitt challenges the viewers to develop their own six powerful words to live by. It took me about one year of thinking, creating, testing, and implementing a life-strategy before I settled on a phrase that I aspire to reach daily.

For those who know me, you may be familiar with my anthem: Be Kind. Be Thankful. Be Significant. But, I didn’t want to stop with just six words. I craved more self-directed guidance. I didn’t need or want to adopt someone else’s philosophy, religion, or science.

I spent several years conducting trial-and-error experiments before I felt comfortable in a set of core values I created. You can see my guiding principles I use to “stay on track” as I continually move toward an uncertain future.

I refuse to let corporations, government, lobbyists, politicians, news, social media, family, friends, strangers, etc. bombard me and overshadow my willingness to be kind, be thankful, and be significant. 

Do I always succeed? Not a chance! But, I never stop trying to celebrate what’s right with the world.

I hope you will watch Dewitt’s video and be open-minded to his suggestions. I also hope you will be inspired and motivated to develop you own Six Powerful Words. Let me know what you come up with :)

Be Kind. Be Thankful. Be Significant.


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