According to marketing “gurus”, I have nine seconds to capture your attention. So, I’ll keep this page focused, sharp, and clear.

I Am:

I am a multi-passionate, quiet, and unassuming force for change.

My Life’s Purpose:

My unique role in the Universe is: To inspire people to appreciate the seemingly insignificant gifts they have in life and motivate them to be respectful, patient, and helpful to one another, to animals, and to Mother Earth.

My Mission:

Be Kind. Be Thankful. Be Significant.

I Help:

I use my passion and God-given talent for writing and teaching as tools to help guide hopeful people toward finding wisdom, beauty, and peace in unusual places.

I Promise:

            • To practice my craft regularly and improve my skills.
            • To balance my pride and humility.
            • To live my mission, daily.

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