Same Scene, Different View

Broad perspective. Average picture. Nothing special.

As I looked across our backyard, a blanket of dying leaves nearly covered the green grass that hadn’t encountered a first frost.

It was a peak-week of glorious colors in southeastern Connecticut’s fall foliage season.

Why are dying or dead leaves attractive to so many leaf-peepers? Just because they display more brilliant colors than full-of-life leaves?

Same leaves. Later in the calendar. Different view.

Yes, they are a blessing to some, and a curse to others.

Homeowners: “I have to clean the yard of all these damn fallen leaves. I hate raking! I’ll call a landscaper to do the job for me.”

Landscaper: “Thank you for choosing to work with us. My crew will be happy to continue working  before I have to lay them off.”

Same scene. Different view.

When I looked with a broad perspective, I dreaded the job before me because I AM the landscaper of our home.

Spirit whispered to me, “Change your view, Peter. Look closer.”

Narrow perspective. Good picture. More character.

“Okay, but I don’t understand why. I’m looking at a multi-colored leaf, a pine cone, pine needles, and some grass. Okay, the different colors, shapes, and textures. So, that’s kind of cool.”

“Peter, look again. Change your viewpoint.”

“What? Oh, c’mon. Fine, but this is ridiculous! How’s this? Is that what I am looking for? I’m on my hands and knees here, and my neighbors probably think I’m a nutcase.”

“You’re almost there, Peter. Change your perspective. Stop looking. You are stuck on what you think is the right answer. Try again.”

I stood up and took a few deep breaths. “Stop looking? What IS the right answer? Where is the great picture? Ohh, remember what Henry David Thoreau wrote, ‘It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.’ Is that what you mean?”

And then, Spirit gave me this.

And there it was, a great picture! THE right answer.

Sometimes, when we choose a different view of a life circumstance we don’t immediately find the right answer. We may be too far away or we may be too close. When we expand our perspective and change our personal “lens” the great picture (answer) appears and surprises us.

Looking beneath the fallen leaves of our lives and having the courage to stretch our vision beyond what we think is possible, or the right answer, we stumble upon magnificence.

And then, we see what Spirit intended for us. Same scene. Different view.

Be Kind. Be Thankful. BE Significant.


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